How to use TagoIO with STREGA devices


Benefits of using STREGA TagoIO Dashboard Templates 

Creating a dashboard can be time consuming when you are still figuring out what the application should look like and it is dependent on the number of devices and widgets needed. With templates, a lot of the work is done for you, with you only needing to provide the sensor and data for it to read.  

With the STREGA dashboards, users can add or delete widgets as they please once the template is downloaded and added to their dashboards. Since STREGA also provides the Analysis, the scripting tool to connect the widget to the devices, it’s really easy to click the widget and add a device for it to read. 

You can have a feeling of it using this link. It works both on Mobile and WEB:


Password is DemoDemo

We developed these custom TagoIO dashboards with animated widgets: they are free to use. Downlink commands are performed through TagoIO “Analysis” specific for each LNS connector. The different steps are described below.

You can enjoy free usage of TagoIO for a up to 5 devices and 5 dashboards . For the different price plans of TagoIO: please visit this page:

The steps below assume that you have already provisionned your STREGA device onto your LNS and that it communicates fine up to your “TagoIO bucket”.

“TagoIO Analysis” for STREGA devices supports The Things Industries, The Things Stack (v3) and ChirpStack. Direct connectivity using MQTT from your gateway to TagoIO broker is also an excellent working alternative to conventional LNS.

Select your Server below:

The Things Stack (Community edition – v3):

The Things Industries (stack v3 – pro edition):


Direct MQTT connectivity: