Smart-Valve operation

Wireless Smart-Valve control from a computer (Part 1):

Wireless Smart-Valve control using SMS (Part 2):

Manual override of a STREGA Smart-Valve at site (District Cooling project in Middle East): 

Smart-Valve Studio: a utility to manage and control all your Smart-Valves (District Cooling project in Middle East) : 

Smart-Valve Production

Production of the Smart-Valve (assembly line Part 1):

Production of the Smart-Valve (assembly line Part 2): 

Smart-Emitter operation

Wireless Smart-Emitter implementation on a Golf course (small advertising presentation made by an installer): – Password : watertechnics

Smart-Emitter driven by “IOT-in-a-BOX”:

Demokit made by Regio-IT

Short video showing the STREGA valve on a mockup with a ZENNER watermeter.

Demokit by myDevices

Mini mockup design using STREGA SV DN15 and IoT-in-a-BOX mobile App:

Time-Controlled valve for Network purges

This video shows the use of the STREGA valve for preriodical network flushing and automatic purges

Smart-Valve Mini-Demokit running on a 12VDC battery

DN15 Smart-valve with a tiny water pump running on a 12VDC battery (for demo purposes)

Smart-Emitter demokit with Irrigation Valve

Video on a compact demokit designed with an irrigation valve with Open operation via the Strega mobile app.

How to set “schedulers” using the STREGA mobile app

this video shows how to operate the valve from the mobile app and to set a scheduler.

Time-controlled Emitter for Irrigation valve – demokit 2019

STREGA mobile App for STREGA devcies (overview)

Demokit 1/2” with segregated edition of the SV

The demokit below has been designed by CreevX, UK.

video link here:

SEMTECH AquaWAN demokit

This demokit has been presented by SEMTECH during the annual meeting of the LoRa Alliance in Berlin in June 2019

A full description of the AquaWAN concept can be found from here:

AQUAWAN demokit developed by SEMTECH