Tutorials and Explainers videos

How do STREGA devices boot ?

Wiring your STREGA Smart-Emitter

Wiring your Smart-Valve in segregated edition

Upgrading a STREGA device

Provisioning a STREGA device on TTI/TTS v3 stack

How to perform a time synchronization on a STREGA device

This video aims platform developers to understand the 2-steps mechanisms required to perform the time synchronization on a STREGA device.

How to connect your SV-SE-READER tool to your STREGA device

The timing is important in the steps required to communicate with your device. The video below show how to perform a seamless connection with the tool with simple steps.

How to unmount and remount a STREGA valve

This video shows how to disassemble a DN50 valve with caution, in order to verify its inside.

Explainer videos

SV/SE Smart features

Explainer Video #01: the “schedulers”

Explainer Video #02: STOP LEAK

Explainer Video #03: Pulse Counting

Explainer Video #04: semi-automatic operation on DI change

Explainer Video #05: Automatic Tank Filling

Explainer Video #06: Prepaid Water